Activities in the Osogovo mountain Осоговско планина, хижа Осогово
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With the opportunities, the activities and the amenities it offers, and a well-maintained asphalt road in the winter, the Osogovo chalet is the perfect spot for corporate celebrations, team-building, christening (the chapel is near the chalet), personal and family events with large groups of guests.
The chalet has its own emergency power supply.


N 42º 11' 50.7"
E 22º 37' 27.6"


For reservations
+359 893 300 505
Reservations for the weekends should be made one month in advance.

Bank account for reservations


The members of the Osogovo Tourist Association can stay overnight in the Osogovo chalet free of charge with an advance reservation, made with the manager of the chalet.

The members of the Bulgarian Tourist Union enjoy a 20 percent discount from the overnight rate.


Osogovo Mountain ІІ

The Osogovo Mountain has a cool mountain transitional-continental climate with severe winters. The mountain is a hydrographic knot, from where many right tributaries of the Struma river start their way – the Bistritsa (the Sovolyanska Bistritsa), the Glogoshka, the Novoselska, the Grashnitsa, and the Eleshnitsa rivers. It has a high riverine flow with a rate of 20 l/s/km2. There is a dense network of crevice waters in the granite rocks, which drain in the river valleys as well as a large number of small springs with a flow rate of 0,1 – 1,5 l/s/km2. There are avalanche-prone zones. The soils are predominantly brown forest soils, forest meadow soils, deluvial soils and deluvial-meadow soils. Coniferous (Scots Pine and European Black Pine), beech and oak forests. The ridge areas are covered with vast pastures and shrubs. The fauna is represented by the rock partridge, the gray partridge, the quail, the adder, the European common frog; there are trouts, barbels, nases, carps in the rivers.



mountain bikes



Mountain Biking

Renting a mountain bike from Osogovo chalet is a wonderful opportunity to explore a significant part of the Osogovo Mountain. Its slant relief is suitable for beginners and experienced bikers alike and its gorgeous beauty will make you lose track of time. All hiking or off-road routes are accessible with this vehicle, a fact which makes it a hands-down choice when you aim for clean air and the majestic bosom of the mountain.


Off-road in the Osogovo mountain




If expedition or high-speed off-road is your hobby or passion, the Osogovo mountain offers routes, suiting every aspect of driving off the asphalt road. Whether with a jeep, an ATV or an enduro, the ride on the set routes will give you the most of cross-country and heavy-terrain driving. You will be able to practice with a high-lift, a block and tackle, and a winch, skills which will come in handy when that is truly necessary.

Be prepared before you go! Protect nature – we have borrowed it from our children!



Horseback riding in the Osogovo mountain




No photograph can convey the joy from the contact with these magnificent animals. The saddle, the rein and the stirrups will provide you with an experience which you will forever treasure in your heart. Few are the moments in life that can rival the unbridled excitement of the first ride. A guide will take you from and back to the Osogovo chalet, and all the rest is up to you.




Skiing in the Osogovo mountain


Winter sports

For lovers of winter sports, the Osogovo Mountain offers three ski runs with various levels of difficulty. Two of them (with a medium and a high difficulty level) are within several minutes' walking distance. They offer ski equipment rental services and anchor-type ski-drags; snowmaking machines are also available. The ski run in the immediate vicinity of the chalet has a length of approximately 900 m and a 204 m denivelation. It is maintained at least three times a week. On clear days its upper end offers breath-taking views of the Rila, Pirin, Vitosha, Konyavska and Ograzhden mountains.

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