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With the opportunities, the activities and the amenities it offers, and a well-maintained asphalt road in the winter, the Osogovo chalet is the perfect spot for corporate celebrations, team-building, christening (the chapel is near the chalet), personal and family events with large groups of guests.
The chalet has its own emergency power supply.


N 42º 11' 50.7"
E 22º 37' 27.6"


For reservations
+359 893 300 505
Reservations for the weekends should be made one month in advance.

The members of the Osogovo Tourist Association can stay overnight in the Osogovo chalet free of charge with an advance reservation, made with the manager of the chalet.

The members of the Bulgarian Tourist Union enjoy a 20 percent discount from the overnight rate.





Room with 3 beds. Shared WC and bathroom with room 7, satellite TV, Free access.

Overnight rate: 20 BGN per bed

Osogovo beds
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Room with double bed. Shared WC and bathroom with room 6, satellite TV, wireless for free.

Overnight rate: 24 BGN

Double bed Room in chalet Shared bathroom
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Room with double bed. En-suite WC and bathroom, satellite TV, i-net.

Overnight rate: 40 BGN

Bedroom in chalet Double bed lavatory faucet
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Room with 4 beds. En-suite WC and bathroom, satellite TV, free internet access., internet access.

Overnight rate: 20 BGN per bed

Four bedsRoom with TV Ceramic tiles Looking-glass
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ROOM 8 (apartment) Double bed, en-suite WC and bathroom, satellite TV, living-room, mini bar, terrace, wi-fi

Overnight rate: 50 BGN

big bed lamp Dressing table Living-room Water closet Shower-bath
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