Restaurant in Osogovo chalet


With the opportunities, the activities and the amenities it offers, and a well-maintained asphalt road in the winter, the Osogovo chalet is the perfect spot for corporate celebrations, team-building, christening (the chapel is near the chalet), personal and family events with large groups of guests.
The chalet has its own emergency power supply.


N 42º 11' 50.7"
E 22º 37' 27.6"


For reservations
+359 893 300 505
Reservations for the weekends should be made one month in advance.

Bank account for reservations


The members of the Osogovo Tourist Association can stay overnight in the Osogovo chalet free of charge with an advance reservation, made with the manager of the chalet.

The members of the Bulgarian Tourist Union enjoy a 20 percent discount from the overnight rate.



Historical and geographical region in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. In Bulgarian territory the area encompasses the low east and southeast parts of the Osogovo Mountain. The southeast parts of the region spread to the Chernata Skala saddle. According to some theories, it is part of the Piyanets area. The relief is varied with alternating bands of high and low terrain, a result of intensive processes of gully erosion. The climate is temperate continental, characterized with short-term summer droughts. The region is drained by tributaries of the Struma and Bregalnitsa rivers. There are thin mixed and deciduous forests. The region is known for its forestry, fruit-growing and stock-breeding.




Lake near mountain chalet

Dining-room in chalet

Restaurant in chalet



The Restaurant in Osogovo Chalet

In the cosy snug of the restaurant in Osogovo chalet you will find dishes, made with quality and delicious products, complemented by meals and drinks, fruits and gifts from the mountain. The varied menu, prepared by the master cook, offers popular delicious meals, coupled with dishes, tempting the palette, in perfect fit with the fulfilling day, spent in the mountain. The delight from the fresh trout can be complemented with scrumptious pancakes, garnished with jam from forest raspberries, wild strawberries, blueberries or a delicate syncrecy of the three. The strained yoghurt, the brine cheese, the winter pickles or the salads, made on the premise, are relishes, with which you can pamper your taste while savouring your favourite drink or a glass of mellow rakiya, with a full-bodied and exalted flavour.

Apart from this, to put a finishing touch to your unique experience, after pre-ordering, a gourmet special can be prepared, such as a lamb, cooked in a pit, which will leave you with a lasting memory of your visit.

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