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With the opportunities, the activities and the amenities it offers, and a well-maintained asphalt road in the winter, the Osogovo chalet is the perfect spot for corporate celebrations, team-building, christening (the chapel is near the chalet), personal and family events with large groups of guests.
The chalet has its own emergency power supply.


N 42º 11' 50.7"
E 22º 37' 27.6"


For reservations
+359 893 300 505
Reservations for the weekends should be made one month in advance.

Bank account for reservations


The members of the Osogovo Tourist Association can stay overnight in the Osogovo chalet free of charge with an advance reservation, made with the manager of the chalet.

The members of the Bulgarian Tourist Union enjoy a 20 percent discount from the overnight rate.


The Osogovo-Belasitsa Mountain Group

The group forms part of the Rila–Rhodope massif. A larger part of the sub-region lies on the territories of Macedonia and Bulgaria (only a small part is in Greece). It encompasses the Osogovo, the Vlahina, the Maleshevo, the Ograzhden and the Belasitsa mountains as well as the Piyanets area. At certain points, the ridges of the mountains in the group reach the level of the high mountain belt. The relief of the Osogovo-Belasitsa mountain group is varied; tectonic activity and erosion have had a significant impact on its topographic evolution.




Osogovo chalet

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Osogovo chalet
The chalet was built in 1927-1928 and is the first chalet in the Osogovo Mountain. In 1923 the Ruen Association at the Youth Tourist Union established a Chalet Fund. Voluntary donations were made by enterprises, banks, institutions and individual donors. The first more significant sum, 15 000 levs, was granted by the municipality in 1924, the Bulgarian Agricultural Bank donated 2000 levs, and the District Permanent Committee provided the timber. At the end of 1924, a committee, responsible for the construction of the chalet was elected, which was headed by Milan Kiselichki. The materials for the construction were transported either on horsebacks or in backpacks of the tourists (the chalet on Cherni Vruh peak, Vitosha was erected in the same manner). The construction of the building was executed by Master Bogoya. The chalet was opened on the first Sunday of June, 1928. In 1958 reconstruction and renovation works were effected and a dining room, a kitchen and a terrace were added. After Rosen Dimitrov became manager of the place, the renovations which followed added many new amenities to the chalet – en-suite bathrooms and toilets in each room, permanent heating of the entire chalet during the cold season, satellite TV, free internet access, a trout breading pond and a richer kitchen menu.



chapel in the Osogovo mountain Chapel near Osogovo chalet

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Chapel of St Apostles Peter and Paul
In his will Milan Kiselichki stated his wish to be buried west of Osogovo Chalet. However, after his death, during Communist rule, his final wish was not fulfilled. After the events of November 10, 1989, the Managing Body of the Osogovo Tourist Association, reviewed the will and took a decision to install two bas-reliefs of Milan Kiselichki – one on Osogovo chalet and one on the building of the Association. A decision was also made that instead of moving the grave, a chapel would be built in the area. An initiative committee was established, headed by the notary Dimitar Simeonov with members Dipl. Eng. Grigor Vladimirov (a landscape designer of the town), Radoslav Mihailov (chair of the Osogovo Tourist Association), father Ventsi Shtiyakov (bishop's vicar), father Vassil Kuduski (parish priest), Rosen Dimitrov (manager of Osogovo chalet and head of the Mountain Rescue Service team), Lyubomir Martinov (financial officer). Once the initial funds had been gathered, the building of the chapel commenced and proceeded in parallel with the fund raising. The chapel was consecrated in 2001



Milan Hristov Kiselichki


Milan Hristov Kiselichki (1885-1973)
Milan Hristov Kiselichki was born on April 27, 1885, in Kyustendil, Bulgaria. After attaining a degree in Law in Switzerland, he started practicing law in his hometown. An advocate for the establishment and development of the tourist movement in the Kyustendil region, Milan Kiselichki headed the Committee on the Construction of Osogovo Chalet. He bequeathed his house at 5, Tsar Mihail Street to the tourist association in Kyustendil. Thanks to his donations a ward for lung diseases in the City Hospital and a home for elderly people were built. Chairman of the Osogovo Tourist Association since 1934.

After the communist coup of September 9, 1944, Milan Kiselichki was disbarred for a substantial period of time and deprived of his pension.

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